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If I change my name, do I keep the same MC Number?

While you can legally change the name of your business at any time, when you own a trucking or transportation brand, there are some additional things to consider beyond your business cards and branding. When you opened and registered your business, you were issued an MC number that is designed to make it easy to track your brand’s safety record, performance, and compliance. Any time you change something about your business or the way it works, you should also make sure that you make the necessary changes with any of the governing bodies that impact the trucking and transportation industry.

Changing your trucking business name.

If you chose your name years ago and it no longer reflects what you do or does not reflect your branding, you can change it. While you’ll need to go through the same steps any other organization would have to, you’ll also need to touch base with your operating authority and update your records to reflect your new moniker and any other details you’re changing at the same time.

Does your MC Number have to change?

Even if your name and branding changes, you do not have to change your MC number. That number was originally issued to identify your business and you can keep it for the life of your operation. You do, however, need to let your operating authority know you have a new name; they will then amend their records to ensure all reporting, compliance and records are accurate and up to date.

Your name change can be handled online, via the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration portal. This is a fast and easy process and you will be prompted to enter the details needed. Once you have completed this process, you will receive a form to attach to your existing documentation; this amends your original setup and verifies that your original MC number is now attached to your new business name.

Once you have completed the name change process, the documentation you receive is called your re-entitlement paperwork. Store this information with all of your official business documents and be ready to show it if needed to verify the change. Changing your trucking business name is a relatively straightforward process that ensures you can continue operating without interruption and in full compliance with all FMCSA regulations.

Get the truck insurance you need for your business.

In the trucking industry, details matter; even seemingly small things like name change paperwork can have consequences if done incorrectly or not completed at all. Taking the time to research the frequently evolving requirements of the FMCSA ensures you always remain in compliance and ready to legally operate on the road.

It’s also really important to have the right truck insurance to protect your business. There are a lot of coverages out there that work together to cover the risks your business faces. Get started with your truck insurance quotes by filling out our online form, giving us a call, or messaging us on LiveChat. Our team of transportation professionals would be happy to help you with your big rig insurance.