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How much does auto hauler insurance cost?

Auto haulers are not without their risks. And the risks that you face as a car hauler are exactly why you need auto hauler insurance. Having the right coverage is essential when it comes to protecting your business. But first things first – how much does auto hauler insurance cost? Well, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of auto hauler insurance and a lot of details about your business that your insurer will want to know about.

So, to give you an idea of what determines your car carrier insurance rates, here are some factors that can affect auto hauler insurance cost.

Factors that influence auto hauler insurance cost

What kind of business you have

There are multiple operations that could use auto haulers. Maybe you transport cars for clients. Perhaps you have an auto body shop and own a car carrier. You could be a car dealership, or maybe you deliver cars for various dealerships.

The point is that the type of work you do influences your auto hauler insurance cost. Your carrier will want to know what kind of business you run.

What you haul

Do you transport new cars? Used cars? Cars that are headed for the junkyard? The cargo you’re transporting will affect your rates. The more expensive your loads, the more coverage you’ll need. And that makes a difference to the cost of auto hauler insurance for your business.

Your drivers

The age, experience, and driving records of your drivers affect your rates. If your drivers have plenty of experience driving trucks and they have clean driving records, they’re less of a risk to insure. And that means you could get lower rates on your insurance.

The car carrier

The year, make, and model of your truck affect the car carrier’s value, which is going to play a part in your rates. How much would it cost to repair or replace your truck? How much coverage do you need for the car carrier itself?

How many trucks you have

Of course, if you’re insuring five auto haulers, that’s going to cost more than insuring two. Each truck needs to be covered under your insurance policy. And more trucks means more insurance. Auto hauler insurance cost depends on the size of your fleet.

Your loss history

The insurance company will also want to look at your loss history, which is basically a list of the claims filed against your insurance policy. If you have a significant amount of claims, you’re seen as being more of a risk to insure.  And if you’re more of a risk to insure, you’ll probably get higher truck insurance rates.


Tickets are also viewed as indicators of risk. If your drivers have a history of speeding or getting tickets, they’ll be seen as being more likely to get into an accident. In turn, that means your rates could be higher. Insurance companies don’t like to take their chances. This is why it’s so important to have workplace safety policies at your trucking business and to uphold a high standard of safety. Educating your drivers about safe driving practices and expecting those practices to be upheld is crucial.

Your contracts

If you have any contracts, they may require you to carry a certain amount of insurance. It’s important that you communicate any contractual requirements to the agent assisting you with your quotes.

Your contracts can also change the way that an insurance company will classify your business, and that can affect your auto hauler insurance cost, too.

Your hauling radius

Where you operate and how far you go also matters to your insurance rates. The insurance company will probably be interested in knowing whether you’re interstate or intrastate (meaning whether or not you cross state lines.)

Why it’s important to get an auto hauler insurance quote

With all of these factors contributing to your auto insurance cost, the best way to get an accurate idea of how much your coverage will cost is to get an auto hauler insurance quote. Getting a quote means that all of these factors are taken into account, so you know that you’re getting an accurate representation of pricing.

Getting a quote may sound tedious and complicated. But our truck insurance agents are pros at making insurance easy. We strive to make the insurance process as painless as possible. And what’s more, we also enjoy working at light speed, so we won’t keep you waiting long. All you have to do to get started with auto hauler insurance quotes is fill out our form or give us a call today.