When Was the Last Time You Had an Annual Insurance Review for Your Trucking Company?

Do you own a trucking company or a business with a trucking fleet? When was the last time you had an annual insurance review? In case you never did or forgot to, then you are not alone. Most trucking companies often forget to look into insurance reviews resulting in a lapse in their coverage and costing them a hefty sum.

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CVSA’s Brake Safety Week Scheduled for Aug. 22-28, 2021

driver checking the truck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) recently scheduled this year’s Brake Safety Week for Aug. 22-28, 2021. This annual event emphasizes the importance of ensuring sufficient brake systems in commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Specifically, the event highlights the role that brake maintenance and efficiency play in reducing brake-related CMV accidents on the road.

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Truck Drivers Are Getting Paid More but It Doesn’t Fix the Shortage Issue

Check out these tips to optimize fleet performance.

The shortage of truck drivers has become a major issue despite the hike in payment. Many trucking companies have revised their payment structure to retain the drivers, but it has not solved the scarcity of them. The pandemic has increased the demands for online delivery and ordering services. This has not only increased competition for the long haul truckers but also forced companies to pay their drivers more.

The high turnover of drivers has also affected the insurance rates. Trucking companies need to understand why drivers leave the job in order to improve the retention rate. The high turnover often leads to higher insurance rates. This is because the longer a driver stays with a company the less likely they are to file a claim.

Let’s delve into the details to learn more about why the higher salary fails to fix the driver shortage issue.

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A New Love’s Location Opens in Albany, Georgia with 100 Parking Spaces and More

Are you looking for the leading travel stop in Albany, Georgia? If yes, then you have come to the right place, because a new Love’s is all set to open in Albany.  Located off US 19 Clark Ave, the new location adds sixty new jobs and a hundred new parking spaces for trucks.

This is going to be the 16th location in Georgia that sits on a crucial corridor in the USA’s southeast part. The main aim of the company is to provide valuable services at highly competitive prices. Love’s works with a team of competent people who are willing to provide services in a clean and safe atmosphere.

Here is everything you need to know about the new Love’s location opening in Albany, Georgia.

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The Georgia DDS Expands Commercial Vehicle Third Party Testing Locations

truck driver

The Georgia DDS (Department of Driver Services) has been making constant attempts to solve driver shortage issues. Expansion of commercial third party testing locations is another to fix this issue. DDS aims to make it easier for the customers or drivers to receive their commercial vehicle road testing. That is why they’ve increased the amount of testing locations for third parties in the state.

The Department of Driver Services has started a pilot program in the state’s truck driving schools to certify truckers so that they can assess their students after passing training courses.

It’s one way to put more commercial vehicle drivers on the road.  Three driving schools in the state have adopted it, including, the Truck Driver Institute (TDI), Daly’s, and Georgia Driving Academy (GDA).

If you are in the commercial vehicle business, learning about increasing third party testing locations will help you train your drivers.  Keep scrolling to learn more about the DDS’s new endeavor.

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The I-40 Memphis Bridge Closure is a Trucker’s Worst Nightmare

downtown memphis

Many truckers are trying to adjust their routes, and work schedule. In fact, many have refused to take routes through Memphis due to recent I-40 bridge closure. This route links Arkansas and Tennessee.

In a recent survey, many trucking businesses stated that they have lost their drivers, which adds to the issue of “driver shortage” in the trucking industry.  Remember that high driver turnover rate increases the chances of more insurance claims.

In addition, a claim activity makes you unprofitable for any insurance carrier. It also highlights how high turnover and driver shortage aggravates the problem. The longer a driver work with a company, the less likely they are to file a claim.

Therefore, the soaring rate of turnover has increased the chances of claims being filed in trucking companies. This is perhaps one of the reasons why many truckers struggle to keep their products moving amidst the shutdown.

The I-40 Memphis bridge has been important for truckers to cross the river. Keep on reading to find out how the closure of the Memphis bridge has affected truckers.

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How Much Does Flatbed Truck Insurance Cost?

flatbed truck

A flatbed truck is a giant vehicle with a flat and open bed.  The bed doesn’t attach any roof, sides, and railing.  This feature makes flatbed trucks ideal for carrying or delivering awkward, heavy loads that don’t fit into trucks with railings. The open flatbed enables loaders or drivers to load and unload things easily.

Of course, the goods and loads that a flatbed carries are not susceptible to wind or rain damage. It’s because it’s not fragile. The tie-down hooks in a flatbed truck not only fasten to the load but also secure it.

While a flatbed truck is an easy and convenient solution to carry heavy loads, it typically has a higher percentage of getting involved in accidents. It mostly happens if the cargo is strapped or tied incorrectly or it’s hard to see around it. Therefore, the higher risk of crashes and accidents leads to higher insurance costs.

If you own a flatbed truck or run a fleet, learning about flatbed truck insurance costs can help choose the right insurance company.

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The North Carolina Department of Transportation Introduces a New Alert System

Driver Safety Measurement System

The hi-tech in-cab trucking alert system piloted by the North Carolina Department of Transportation is gaining traction among truckers. The new technology plays an important role in reducing the risk of car accidents and crashes.

With a collaboration with the Intelligent Imaging System, the innovative pilot program offers a highly advanced truck messaging system that gives drivers real-time alerts about road conditions.  The alerts aim to help truckers prepare for the events like slowdowns or stopped traffic.

The technology is Canada-based and plays an important role in maintaining road safety, and can become a great tool for law enforcement and transportation agencies. Moreover, as the crash rate of commercial vehicles is on the rise, new technologies may help truckers obtain quicker settlements on insurance claims.

Let’s delve into the details and find out how the new alert system could benefit trucking companies and truckers.

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