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DOT audit

5 tips for choosing a truck driving school

If you have decided to become a truck driver, you can’t begin your new career until you get the proper training. However, with so many truck driving schools operating all around the country, it can be difficult to choose the institution that is best for you.

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Violation severity weight

How is the severity weight of a violation determined?

The Compliance, Safety & Accountability (CSA) program uses data that it obtains from crash data and roadside inspection reports to identify drivers with unsafe driving behaviors. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) may intervene with these drivers at a later time.

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Exempt for-hire motor carrier

What is an exempt for-hire motor carrier?

If you operate an exempt for-hire motor carrier, you may not be required to have the same credentials or insurance coverage as other for-hire motor carriers. Below is some information about exempt for-hire motor carriers and the requirements that apply to them in the United States.

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