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Why YouTube is a Helpful Resource for the Trucking Industry

Trucking is an ever-changing business with standards and regulations that seem to update faster than you can keep up with them. Whether you have just started your career as a long-haul driver or have been at it for a while, you can always learn something new. Sure, you have training sessions you must complete and materials you must read. However, we would like to suggest an additional resource for when you just have a single question or want to connect with others in the industry: Trucking MBA on YouTube.

What is Trucking MBA?

From its own description on YouTube, Trucking MBA is an organization dedicated to assisting small carriers and owner operators with building a rewarding and profitable career in the trucking industry. The videos presented by Trucking MBA focus on achieving success in all areas of the trucking industry rather than just rate per mile.

You are welcome to follow Trucking MBA’s YouTube channel linked above if you are at any of these stages of your trucking career:

  • Considering buying your first truck and completing the necessary training to receive Department of Transportation (DOT) certification and other requirements.
  • Own your own truck, have worked in the trucking industry for a few years, and feel ready to move your business to the next level.
  • Have your own authority and/or have employees who operate trucks for you.

The YouTube channel bills itself as a positive place that offers encouragement and celebrates success. Who couldn’t use more of that in these challenging times?

What Can You Learn from the YouTube Trucking Channel?

Trucking MBA’s YouTube channel offers dozens of videos covering various trucking industry topics. Examples include:

  • Obtaining your operating authority
  • How your trucking company can earn more money
  • Compliance issues such as new entrant and DOT audits
  • Do you have what it takes to start a trucking company?
  • Typical pay for truck drivers
  • Typical trucking company budgets
  • Reasonable suspicion training for trucking industry supervisors
  • Filing your UCR online

Should this YouTube channel not meet your needs, you can always search for other trucking industry video channels. Some possibilities include:

  • BoC Enterprises
  • Happiness by the Mile
  • The Helpful Trucker
  • Trucking from Scratch with David McGill
  • Truck ‘n Hustle TV

Like any career, the personal rewards you obtain and the salary level you reach in the trucking industry depend largely on your own efforts. The more you take the time to learn about the trucking industry, the greater success you can expect. Having the proper trucking insurance for the right coverage amounts can help you reach your goals.

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