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How Driveaway Insurance Can Save Your Towing Company Money

Driveaway insurance can save your tow truck company some serious money. It covers you when you drive a vehicle away from the scene rather than towing it.  Would you be doing more driveaways if you knew you were protected? Here are just a few common scenarios where driveaways make the most sense.

Many repo jobs are less than pleasant. Your driver never knows what to expect. But other repos are voluntary. The driver just hands over the keys. In these instances, it’s better to just drive the car back to the yard.

You’re working with the officers doing DUI stops. The intoxicated car owner can’t drive. But that doesn’t mean your drivers can’t just take the keys and the car once the officers okay your driver to do so.

A car owner has been incapacitated and there’s no one available to pick up the car. You might be asked to keep that car at the yard until someone can pick it up. There’s no reason to drag a tow truck out there if you don’t have to.

In all of these cases, you have the opportunity to transport the vehicle off-hook while still getting paid for that tow. If your drivers and dispatchers keep vigilant, you’ll find other opportunities to do driveways every week. But the car owner’s insurance doesn’t cover you even for short drives.

But how specifically does this save you money?

5 ways driveaway insurance can save your towing business money.

1. Less Wear and Tear

First, there’s the cost of wear and tear. Tow trucks may seem indestructible at times. But they require more expensive maintenance and repair than a passenger vehicle. Anytime you can collect a tow fee without having to use your trucks, you’re saving money.

2. Save on Fuel

On top of wear and tear, you’ve got the fuel. Even a short run costs you. In a driveaway, you use the fuel of the person being towed instead of your own. Being more confident that you’re protected with driveaway insurance means you’ll find more opportunities to make money on the car driver’s dime.

3. Work More Jobs with Fewer Trucks

The more driveaways you can complete, the more you can do in a day. Keep your trucks available for the big jobs while safely transporting other vehicles.

4. Save Time… Which Is Money

If one of your drivers has to go back to the yard to get a truck, that’s time wasted. Save it by doing more driveaways. More jobs completed in a day means more money in your pockets.

5. You’re Covered in the Event of an Accident

Of course, the top way you save money is by being covered during these driveaways. Making the wrong assumption that the car’s insurance covers your drivers during a driveaway can be a costly mistake.

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