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You could have a local commercial pickup truck business that travels around Huntington. You may have a hotshot trucking business that hauls cargo all over West Virginia. Or you might have a tractor trailer fleet that transports goods all over the U.S. However you choose to haul, you know that the roads can be dangerous, especially for commercial truck drivers. That's why it's important to make sure that your business is properly insured from all of the risks of the road. We're commercial vehicle insurance experts, so we know all about the hazards that your drivers have to prepare for. We also understand all of the different coverages you'll need to stay prepared. That's why we want to help you get multiple quotes on quality commercial auto insurance for your unique Huntington, WV business. Whether you're new to the trucking industry or you've been on the road for a while, our experts are here to help you get trucking insurance that's customized to your business. 

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Commercial trucking insurance rates have been skyrocketing all over the industry. The reason for this trend is because of a heavy increase in the amount and severity of of commercial vehicle accidents and higher settlement payouts from these accidents. Insurance carriers have become hesitant to insure commercial autos. So, companies have either made coverage a lot more expensive or they've stopped insuring commercial vehicles altogether. Despite this trend, our agents still specialize in getting customized quotes that will save you money on trucking insurance. That way, you can compare quality transportation insurance at the prices that work for you. We get these amazing rates because of the various relationships we have with trusted insurance carriers. So, we get to connect you to an exclusive market of rates and coverage to compare. 

Our major goals at Truck Insurance Quotes are to a) help commercial trucking companies save money on their insurance, and b) to make insurance as easy as possible. We'll take the time to get to know you and your unique situation so that you know you're getting the best insurance fit for your trucks. 

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Fun Facts About Huntington, WV

  • Huntington was incorporated in 1871 as a the western end of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway. Collis Potter Huntington led the development on the railway and was one of the people responsible for the transcontinental railroad. 
  • Together with Charleston, Huntington is the 6th largest television market in the country and the largest market east of the Mississippi.
  • Marshall University in Huntington was originally opened as a boarding school for high schoolers in 1837. It became a university in 1858. 
  • Marshall University is also named after John Marshall, the 4th Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court and a friend of one of the school's founders. 
  • Marshall University sits on a plot of land called Maple Grove, which the university purchased for $40 in 1839. 

Things to Do in Huntington, WV

  • Camden Amusement Park
  • Heritage Farm Museum & Village
  • Ritter Park Historic District
  • Museum of Radio & Technology
  • Camp Mad Anthony Wayne

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Finding the right commercial vehicle insurance can seem overwhelming. There are already tons of factors that go into running a business. So, searching through tons of policies can be the last thing on your to-do list. However, when you work with our trucking insurance experts, you don't have to have a hard time shopping for coverage. We'll help you identify your business's specific risks and then use our expertise to find you customized quotes on the coverage you need - from cargo insurance to pollution/haz-mat coverage to garagekeepers insurance to driveaway coverage. Our goal is to become your trusted insurance partners and advisors. So, when you work with Truck Insurance Quotes, you're working with a team of people who know transportation insurance backwards and forwards, who work quickly to get you the quotes you need, and who are willing to go above and beyond to give you the best possible insurance experience. 

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