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If you have a tow truck company that serves the Plano area, a reefer truck business that transports goods all over Texas, or just a couple of hotshot trucks that travel throughout the region, you know that commercial vehicle drivers face a lot of risks. The road is dangerous for hauling heavy cargo, so it's important to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage for every worst case scenario. We're commercial trucking insurance agents , so we know the hazards your drivers are up against. We understand the types of coverage you'll need to keep trucking along, and we want to help you save money on your insurance by giving you multiple, affordable quotes. Whether your commercial auto business is a few years old or a few decades old, we'll help you find the best transportation insurance for your specific business. 

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Commercial trucking insurance rates have skyrocketed in the past few years. There's been a heavy rise in the amount of commercial vehicle accidents, accident severity, and accident settlement payouts since 2016. This trend has made many insurance carriers wary about insuring commercial vehicles. So much so that they've either hiked up their rates or they've stopped covering the commercial trucking industry entirely. Fortunately, our agents are still the professionals in finding multiple options for the lowest rates in the industry. That way, you can compare coverage and truly know that you're getting the insurance that's perfect for your business. How do we get these great rates? We've formed close relationships with trusted insurance carriers so that we can connect you with the best quotes on the coverage you need. 

Our two main goals at Truck Insurance Quotes are to a) help commercial auto companies save money on their insurance, and b) to make transportation insurance as easy as possible. We take the time to get to know your business inside and out so that you can rest assured that you're getting the exact coverage you need. 

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Fun Facts About Plano, Texas

  • After the rejections of the city names "Fillmore" (after President Millard Fillmore) and "Foreman" (after William Foreman), citizens wanted to name the town something very unique. So, they named the town Plano after the Spanish word for "plain" (the land formation, not the adjective). 
  • Every September, Plano hosts the Plano Balloon Festival. The hot air balloon event draws in almost 100,000 visitors every year to raise money for local charities. 
  • Lance Armstrong, Bozz Scaggs, and Chase Crawford all call Plano, TX home.
  • Plano has been rated one of the wealthiest cities in the U.S. and one of the best cities to generate wealth in the U.S. 
  • Both J.C. Penny and Frito Lay are based out of Plano. 

Hot Spots in Plano, TX

  • Whiskey Cake Restaurant
  • The Food Truck Park
  • The Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
  • Lockhart Smokehouse
  • The Boardwalk at Granite Park

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Shopping for commercial trucking insurance can be daunting. With all of the other details that go into running a business, searching for the right coverage can seem like a chore. That's why our transportation insurance agents are here to make insurance easy. There are a lot of different types of coverage out there, from garagekeepers insurance to cargo coverage to truckers general liability and more. But we start by identifying your business's specific risks and get you quotes on only the types of insurance you need. Our goal is to become your trusted transportation insurance partners and advisors. So when you choose to work with Truck Insurance Quotes, you're choosing to partner with a group of people who know commercial trucking insurance inside and out, who will get you quotes quickly and easily, and who are dedicated to giving you the best insurance experience possible. 

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