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Whether you're transporting inventory in a tractor trailer, moving medicines in a reefer truck, or enduring the sweet aroma of a dump truck for 8 hours, there are a lot of dangers that truck drivers face every day. Whatever kind of truck you drive, it's important to make sure that you're properly protected in a worst case scenario. We're commercial auto insurance agents , so we know what kind of risks your drivers face every day. We know what type of coverage will fit your unique business and how to get you the best rates in Houston on the perfect policy. Whether you're a new small shipper or an old fleet force to be reckoned with, we can help you get transportation insurance that's tailored to your business. 

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With the recent spike in trucking accidents, severity of accidents, and accident settlement payments, commercial auto insurance has become a lot more expensive. Insurance companies are so wary of a high-risk part of the transportation industry that they continue to drive up the costs of their policies or stop insuring trucking companies altogether. Luckily, our agents can still get you the best trucking insurance quotes to compare coverage and pricing. We've formed countless relationships with multiple insurance carriers, and these connections allow us to give you a wide range of policies to shop from.

Our two main goals at Truck Insurance Quotes are to 1) connect trucking companies with affordable commercial auto insurance, and 2) make the insurance process as simple and easy as possible. Our agents take the time to get to know your business almost as well as you do so that we can get you the most affordable rates on the policies that you need. 

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Fun Facts About Houston, Texas

  • Houston is the fourth most populous city in the US, beaten only by New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 
  • Additionally, the entire metro area is bigger than the state of New Jersey. 
  • More than 145 different languages are spoken in Houston.
  • The city has an underground tunnel system for pedestrians that is 20 feet underground and spans 95 city blocks.
  • With more than 11,000 restaurants to choose from, Houston is a culinary mecca - you'll never run out of new food to try!

Sights to See in Houston, TX

  • Space Center Houston
  • Buffalo Bayou Park
  • The Gerald D. Hines Waterfall Park
  • The Twilight Epiphany Light Show
  • And many of the city's culinary tours!

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As a commercial trucking business owner, finding the right insurance can seem like a nuisance. You already have to worry about the tons of other details that go into running your company from day to day. So, sifting through coverage like physical damage, truckers' general liability, garagekeepers, and more can seem like one more daunting task. That's why our insurance agents are here to make your insurance process easy. We know the trucking insurance industry backwards and forwards. So, when you partner with us, you're working with agents who will put in the extra work to identify the specific risks your business faces. our agents will get you the quotes and policies that make the most sense for your company. Our goal is to become your trusted insurance advisors and partners, who give you the quickest quotes, the best policies, and an amazing insurance experience.

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