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Maybe you have a dump truck business that serves the Amarillo area. Perhaps you have an auto-hauler business that transports cars for clients or dealerships. Or you might have a tank truck company that transports goods all over the nation. However you choose to haul cargo, you know that commercial vehicle drivers face a lot of risks. There are tons of new dangers that you can come across every day on the road. That's why it's important to have the proper insurance coverage to protect you, your drivers, and your business. We're commercial trucking insurance agents , so we know the types of hazards you face every day. We also understand the types of insurance that you'll need to keep your wheels on the road. That's why we want to help you get multiple quotes and save money on your commercial auto insurance. Whether you're just starting your business or you've been on the road for a few years now, we'll help you get transportation insurance that customized to your Amarillo, TX business. 

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Rates for commercial auto insurance have increased a lot lately. This is because insurance companies have noticed a rise in the amount of commercial trucking accidents, accident severity, and settlements paid out to other drivers. This trend has increased the risk of insuring commercial vehicles across the industry. So, carriers have either hiked up their insurance rates or they've stopped covering the transportation industry entirely. Luckily, our agents are still the professionals in getting you multiple quotes on the affordable commercial auto coverage that fits you. How? We've formed numerous relationships with trusted insurance carriers so that we can connect you with only the best plans and pricing for commercial trucking insurance in Amarillo. 

Our major goal at Truck Insurance Quotes has two parts. The first is to help commercial trucking companies save money on their insurance. The second is to make insurance as easy as possible. We'll take the time to get to know you and your business so that you know for a fact you're getting coverage that's tailored to your business's needs. 

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Fun Facts About Amarillo, Texas

  • Amarillo in Spanish means "yellow". So, the city gets its name from a type of yellow grass, the Yucca plant, that grows in the area. Amarillo was also originally called Oneida. 
  • Amarillo is home to Palo Duro Canyon which is the second largest canyon in the United States (to the Grand Canyon). 
  • Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Switchback, and Waking Up In Reno were all filmed in Amarillo.
  • Amarillo is home to the Big Texan Steak Ranch, which hosts the 72 oz. steak challenge. The challenge has been featured on Man vs. Food. Plus, the oldest and youngest challengers to win have been a 69-year-old grandmother and an 11-year-old boy, respectively. 
  • The Time Columns Monument is a 6-story stainless steel structure that contains four time capsules and can act as a giant sundial. 

Hot Spots in Amarillo, TX

  • Cadillac Ranch
  • Wonderland Amusement Park
  • Bill's Backyard Classics
  • The Texas Air & Space Museum
  • The Rock Island Rail Trail

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Shopping for commercial trucking insurance can seem overwhelming. With all of the other details that go into running a business, searching through all types of insurance can be just another chore. Fortunately, our agents are masters at making commercial auto insurance easy. We'll help you identify your company's specific risks, and then give you quotes on only the types of coverage that fit you, from truckers general liability to cargo coverage to on-hook/in-tow insurance. Our goal is to become your trusted insurance advisors and partners. So when you choose to work with Truck Insurance Quotes, you're choosing to work with a team of professionals who know commercial vehicle insurance inside and out, who work quickly to get you affordable quotes, and who are willing to go above and beyond to give you the best possible insurance experience. 

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