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If you have a tow truck business servicing the greater Kingsport area, a hotshot truck fleet that hauls cargo all over Tennessee, or an auto-hauler company that transports cars for a major vehicle dealer, you know that commercial truck drivers face a lot of risks. Commercial vehicle drivers face a lot more dangerous road situations than a normal driver. That's why it's vital to have the right insurance to properly protect your business. We're commercial auto insurance agents , so we know the types of dangers you and your drivers face. We understand the types of insurance coverage you'll need for your commercial trucking company to run smoothly, and we want to help you save money on your Kingsport insurance. Whether you're just starting out with a single truck or you've been operating your business for a while now, we can help you get transportation insurance that tailored to your business. 

Get Affordable Commercial Auto Insurance in Kingsport, TN.

Insurance rates for commercial vehicles have become more and more expensive over the past few years. Insurance companies have noticed a general increase in the amount of commercial trucking accidents, accident severity, and settlement payouts. This trend has made carriers wary of insuring such a risky industry. So, insurance companies have either hiked up their rates, or they've stopped covering the commercial auto industry altogether. Fortunately, our agents are still the professionals in getting multiple quotes on low rates for Kingsport transportation insurance. We've formed close relationships with multiple insurance carriers so that we can connect you with the best rates and coverage to compare for your business. That way, you know for a fact that you're getting the best commercial trucking insurance for you. 

Our two major goals at Truck Insurance Quotes are to a) help commercial trucking companies save money on insurance, and b) to make insurance as easy as possible. We'll take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your business, so that when you compare plans, you can rest easy knowing that you have the transportation insurance you need.

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Fun Facts About Kingsport, Tennessee

  • Kingsport is part of the "Mountain Empire" of southwest Virginia and mountainous counties in Tennessee.
  • Kingsport is named for the area on the Holston River known as King's Boat Yard, which is the head of navigation for the Tennessee Valley.
  • The Kingsport Mets Minor League Baseball team has produced greats like Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden. 
  • Kingsport's Netherland Inn used to serve as an important pit stop for settlers traveling west of the Mississippi. It has since been used as a boatyard, a stagecoach shop, and a place to stay for Pres. Andrew Johnson, Pres. Andrew Jackson, and Pres. James K. Polk.
  • The city was the site of the Battle of Kingsport in the Civil War, where Confederate forces led by Col. Richard Morgan and Union forces led by Major Gen. George Stoneman, were in a standoff for two days before Union Col. Sam Patton crossed the Holston River and surrounded the Confederate troops.

Sights to See in Kingsport, TN

  • The Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail
  • Sleepy Owl Brewery
  • The Netherland Inn
  • Warriors' Path State Park
  • The Appalachian Caverns

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Shopping for commercial trucking insurance can be tricky. There are so many other details that go into running a business that navigating the world of commercial vehicle insurance can seem overwhelming. But you don't have to worry - our insurance agents are masters in making insurance easy. It's true that there are a lot of types of coverage for commercial vehicles, from garagekeepers insurance to cargo coverage to auto liability. However, we learn the risks that your specific business faces, and tailor your quotes so that you get the perfect coverage for your Kingsport commercial trucking business. Our goal is to become your trusted insurance advisors and partners, so we make finding the coverage you need easy. When you choose to work with Truck Insurance Quotes, you're choosing to work with a team of professionals who know transportation insurance inside and out, who work quickly to get you quotes, and who are willing to go the extra mile to give you the best insurance experience possible. 

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