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You may have a tow truck business that's local to Cleveland, or a box truck business with locations all over Tennessee. you might even have a nation-wide reefer truck business. However you choose to haul, you know that commercial truck drivers face a lot of risks. Every day presents new dangers on the road. That's why it's so important to have the proper commercial vehicle insurance to protect your business. We're commercial trucking insurance agents , so we know exactly what kinds of risks you face as a transportation company. We also understand the types of insurance you need to protect you, your drivers, and your business. That's why we want to help you compare quotes and get cheaper rates on your commercial auto insurance. Whether you've been in the business for a few months or a few decades, we can help you get the best commercial trucking insurance for your Cleveland business.

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Commercial trucking insurance rates have been increasing at a startling rate. Over the past few years, the commercial auto industry has seen more accidents, more severe accidents, and higher settlement payouts from those accidents. This trend has caused many insurance companies to hesitate when insuring commercial vehicles - so much so that they've either hiked up their rates or they've stopped covering the transportation industry altogether. Thankfully, our agents are still the professionals in getting multiple quotes on low rates for commercial trucking insurance. How? We've formed numerous relationships with trusted carriers so that we can connect you with the best rates and coverage for your business. 

Our major goal at Truck Insurance Quotes has two parts: 1) To help commercial auto companies save money on their insurance, and 2) to make insurance as easy as possible. We'll take the time to get to know you and your business so that you know beyond a doubt that you're getting the transportation insurance you need.

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Fun Facts About Cleveland, Tennessee

  • Cleveland was one of the cities in the state that voted against Tennessee's Ordinance of Secession during the Civil War. 
  • The Cleveland Halloween Block Party features live music, food stands, and a costume contest; and draws more than 20,000 people to the city every year. 
  • On the same note, Cleveland is known for a statue named "Tall Betsy", the Halloween Goblin of Bradley County. 
  • The city's official song is "The Diplomat", composed by John Philip Sousa.
  • The official nickname of the city is "The City with Spirit."

Things to Do in Cleveland, TN

  • Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway
  • Morris Vineyard
  • Mount Evil
  • Cherokee National Forest
  • Cleveland Speedway

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Shopping for commercial trucking insurance can seem daunting. There are so many other details that go into running a business that searching for the right coverage can be just another chore. That's why we're here - to make insurance easy. Our agents will get to know the ins and outs of your business and your specific risks, and then do the tough work of sorting through coverages for you - from truckers' general liability to garagekeepers insurance to pollution & haz-mat coverage. Our goal is to become your trusted insurance advisors and partners. So when you choose to work with Truck Insurance Quotes, you're partnering with a team of professionals who know transportation insurance inside and out, who work quickly to give you quotes, and who are willing to go the extra mile to give you the best insurance experience possible. 

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