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To Drive Defensively You Should

To Drive Defensively You Should…

Considering the value of the cargo (cargo insurance cost) that you transport in your trailer, and your most precious cargo—yourself, driving defensively is arguably one of your most important responsibilities. Your life—and the lives of those that find themselves near you on the highway—depends on it. Let’s take a look at the meaning of driving defensively and discuss techniques for staying safe.

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How to Prevent Truck Rollovers

Unfortunately, truck rollovers are a common occurrence, with at least one taking place every day. Despite them being so dangerously common, they are avoidable. We will be discussing the three common misconceptions that people have about rollovers, the real causes, and how drivers can prevent them.

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truck accident

How Much Does a Truck Accident Cost?

Determining the cost of a truck accident and how it may impact your business is essential. Even a minor crash can be financially detrimental. When determining how much an accident costs, it’s important to remember that the cost varies from incident to incident.

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Identify distracted driving at your business.

4 ways to identify that your driver is distracted

People get distracted. Sometimes it’s a clever billboard or a person in a costume walking down the street. Sometimes it’s a non-urgent need to use dispatch equipment. They may be reaching for a map or using a cell phone – either talking or texting and driving.

It’s all distracted driving. And it leads to over 25% of truck accidents.

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Distracted driving can be very costly to your business.

What Is Distracted Driving Costing Your Business?

In British Columbia recently, a horse and buggy driver received a simple citation for texting while conducting a tour down city streets. Distracted driving really can happen anywhere.

But while all distracted driving is dangerous, some distracted driving is more dangerous and therefore more costly to those involved.

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