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If you have a box truck business, a flatbed truck fleet, or you're a tried-and true tractor trailer operator, you know that operating commercial vehicles comes with a lot of risk. Every day on the road, you're trusted with the cargo of your specialized company or a direct client. So, it's important that you have the right coverage to protect that cargo, your drivers, and your business.  That's where we come in. We're the trucking insurance agents , who understand all the risks you face and who can get you cheaper rates on the commercial vehicle coverage you need. We'll get you multiple quotes on commercial auto insurance in Columbia, SC for your unique business. Whether you're a newcomer to the trucking world or well-versed in commercial autos, we're dedicated to giving you an affordable and easy transportation insurance experience.

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Since 2016, the insurance rates for commercial vehicles have risen significantly because of the increase in accident frequency, trucking repair costs, and high settlement payouts. Insurance companies are now more uneasy about insuring commercial vehicle businesses. So, insurance rates are greatly rising or carriers stop covering commercial autos altogether. Fortunately, we've formed relationships with various commercial trucking insurance companies so that we can get you the best quotes on the market. We'll help you compare multiple rates so you'll be confident that you have the perfect insurance plan for your trucking business.

Our two goals at Truck Insurance Quotes are to help commercial vehicle businesses get affordable insurance plans, and to give those businesses a smooth insurance experience. We'll get to truly know your particular business, so that you can be confident that you have the insurance you need.

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Fun Facts About Columbia, SC

  • Two-thirds of the city was burned down during Sherman's March to the Sea in the Civil War. 
  • Assembly St. in Downtown Columbia is one of he widest city streets of all time. It was built so wide in the 18th century because city planners wanted it to be too wide for mosquitoes to cross.
  • Washington St. in Columbia was once paved with wooden blocks that would float away every time it rained. It was eventually paved with asphalt in 1925.
  • Columbia is one of the hosts of "All About Beer Magazine's" World Beer Festival.
  • Kiplinger Magazine has named Columbia one of their "10 Great Cities to Live In."

Places to Go in Columbia, SC

  • The Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • The South Carolina Military Museum
  • Columbia Food Tours
  • The Columbia Museum of Art
  • The World's Largest Fire Hydrant

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With all of the other details that go into running a commercial auto business, finding the right insurance can feel like just another hassle. But don't worry - our agents specialize in making the process fast, easy, and affordable. We'll help you sift through all the different types of coverage - auto liability, cargo coverage, pollution, truckers' general liability, in-tow insurance, and more - to make sure that you get the right protection for your unique transportation business. Our goal is to become your trusted commercial auto insurance advisors and partners. We'll make your insurance process easy and go the extra mile to get you the quickest, most affordable, and specific coverage for your business. 

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