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Whether you're a hot-shot with a hot shot truck, a mogul of moving trucks, or a tractor trailer titan, you know there are a ton of risks to face when driving a commercial vehicle. Every time your drivers buckle up, it can be a new day of all new road issues. So, it's important that you have the perfect coverage for your trucking company. We're just the team to help you find the affordable, customized insurance coverage you need in the Winston-Salem area. Our transportation insurance agents are professionals in the types of coverage you'll need to protect your business on a daily basis. Whether you're a brand new trucking venture or you've been in the auto-hauling business for a while, we'll work hard to get you commercial auto insurance that's tailored to your specific business.  

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For the past two years, commercial auto insurance has become very expensive. This is because of a recent spike in the amount of accidents, accident severity, and increased settlement payouts involving commercial vehicles. Insurance agencies are very reluctant to insure vehicles in such a high-risk industry. So, some carriers have raised their trucking insurance premiums while others have stopped insuring commercial autos altogether. Luckily, our insurance agents have formed lasting relationships with multiple carriers so that we can get you affordable quotes in Winston-Salem, NC. That way, you can compare plans and know that you're getting the best transportation coverage for the best rates.

We have two goals at Truck Insurance Quotes: To help save commercial vehicle companies money on their insurance and to make the insurance experience as easy as possible. We learn the ins and outs of your business so that we only give you the types of coverage that best fit your unique business. 

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Fun Facts About Winston-Salem, NC

  • Winston-Salem is actually a mix of two cities joined together in 1913. The town of Winston was named for Col. Joseph Winston, who fought in the Revolutionary War, and the town of Salem is the Latinized version of the Hebrew word "Shalom."
  • Winston-Salem is known as "The Twin City," the "Camel City," and the "City of Arts and Innovation."
  • Krispy-Kreme doughnuts were invented in Winston-Salem.
  • The Empire State Building was modeled after a prototype that was built in Winston-Salem. This building is now called the Reynolds Building.  
  • The Mickey Pot, found in Winston-Salem, is the nation's oldest giant coffee pot. It stands 7'3" and is said to be able to hold 11,840 cups of coffee.

Points of Whimsy in Winston-Salem

  • Art-O-Mat Machines
  • Pilot Mountain
  • The Winston Cup Museum
  • Historic Bethabara Park
  • The Black Mountain Chocolate Factory

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Commercial trucking insurance can be difficult and time-consuming. There are a lot of details that go into running a company, and finding the right insurance can feel like a chore. That's why our commercial auto insurance agents are here to make things easy. Sure, there are a lot of different types of coverage out there - auto liability, cargo coverage, garagekeepers, and more - but our agents are professionals at getting to know the specific risks that you and your business face. That way, we can get you the proper coverage to protect you from each and every bump in the road. We want to become your trusted insurance advisors and partners, who can make commercial trucking insurance easy by using our knowledge and connections to get you the type of insurance you need and trust. 

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