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What is wrongful repo insurance?

Repossessing cars takes a lot of courage. There are many risks involved with doing repo, and those risks make repo dangerous. That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure that your business has the right insurance coverages. You might be wondering what kind of insurance you need to repo cars or what kind of tow truck insurance you need. Along with other tow truck coverages, you might want to consider wrongful repo coverage. We’ll explain what repo insurance is and how it can protect your business. We can help you get repo insurance quotes, too.

Wrongful repo coverage can protect your business if you accidentally take a car that you’re not supposed to. You could get into major trouble if you repossess a car that doesn’t need to be repossessed, but wrongful repo insurance can help you protect your business.

Think your business might need wrongful repo insurance? We can help. We’ll shop around for the best possible rate for your insurance, and we can get you multiple wrongful repo insurance quotes. We’ll take the time to get to know you and learn about your business so that we can best advise you on your insurance needs.


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What does wrongful repo insurance cover?

There are a few things that could get you in trouble for taking a car that you’re not supposed to. Yes, it might seem a bit absurd, but taking the wrong car or a car that you’re not supposed to happens more frequently than you might think. Your business could end up in hot water if...

1. You fail to call the bank before taking a car.

It can take a while for a request to repo a car to get from the bank to you. In the time that it takes for the request to arrive in your hands, the owner of the vehicle may have made their payment. If you don’t check with the bank and repo the car, you could get in trouble.

2. You accidentally pick up the wrong car.

Wait a second. What do you mean, the car attached to my tow truck isn’t the right car?

You have to check to make sure the vehicle that you’re repossessing is the right one to avoid this situation. There are a lot of cars that look alike, so if you’re going by the make, model, and color alone you may end up with the wrong vehicle. The owner of the car you took most likely won’t be happy that you swiped their vehicle by mistake. Make sure to double-check that you’re taking the right car.

3. You don’t have a written notice to take the car.

A verbal agreement in person or over the phone isn’t enough. You need to have the request in writing or you’re at risk of getting in trouble for wrongful repo.

How much does wrongful repo insurance cost?

The cost of tow truck insurance varies from business to business because every towing operation is different. As a general, loose ballpark, a company that has one truck and does 25% repo might pay $10,000 a year for their insurance. Your rate, however, may be lower or higher - this is only an estimate. Repo insurance is pricey because of the risks that your business faces. Some of those risks are…


1. Angry people: Someone might get really upset that you’re coming to take their car, and they might decide to get violent and take out their anger on you.


2. Wrongful repo: Like we mentioned above, there are several ways that you might take a car that you’re not supposed to.


3. Speed: There’s an element of working against the clock when it comes to repo. You want to get the car and get out quick, and that can lead to mishaps if the vehicle doesn’t want to stay put on your truck before you get the chance to secure it.


Tow truck insurance for a business that does repo will most likely cost more than the insurance for a towing business that does not do repo because of these risks. However, the cost of your insurance depends on what percentage of repo you do. 

How do I calculate what percentage repo I am?

If you do under 5% repo, your rates may be fairly similar to what you’d pay if you did no repo at all. If you do more than 50% repo, an insurance company will probably see you the same as if you did 100% repo. And that means that you could see an increase in your rates over what you’d pay if you didn’t do any repossessions.

When an insurance agent asks what percentage of repo you are, calculate the percentage based on the number of tows you do, not the amount of money you bring in from your various jobs. Insurance companies want to see the number of jobs, not the earnings from those tows, because repos usually pay much better than regular, ordinary tows. So, let’s say that you do 50 tows in a month and eight of those are repos. You would be 16% repo.

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