Truck insurance terms you should know

Every industry has its own jargon, and the truck insurance industry is no exception. Unless you are a lawyer or work in the insurance industry, it can be difficult to understand what every term means. However, when you look over your truck insurance policy, you need to know what the terms mean. Otherwise, you could end up without coverage when you need it the most. That is why we have compiled this easy-to-read guide to truck insurance terms.

Here are some of the most common truck insurance terms that you should know.

Bodily injury liability coverage

Bodily injury liability coverage pays for costs associated with injuries to another person when you are responsible for an accident. The coverage also provides money for a lawyer if you are sued for damages by the other driver or occupants. This coverage is required by law.

Collision coverage

Collision insurance pays for repairs or replacement of your vehicle if you crash into another vehicle or object, such as a tree or a fence. Collision insurance also pays for damages if your truck rolls or falls over.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive coverage helps pay to repair or replace your truck if it is damaged in a non-collision accident or incident. An example is damages that arise from vandalism, theft, fire or falling objects.

Medical payments

Medical payments coverage helps pay for your or your passengers’ medical expenses regardless of who is at fault. Medical payments will usually pay for doctor or hospital visits, x-rays, surgery, nursing, ambulance fees, and deductibles.

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Physical damage coverage

This term is another name for collision and comprehensive coverage. It pays for damage to your big rig or truck from a collision. Physical damage coverage also pays out in the event of theft, fire or vandalism.

Property damage liability coverage

If you damage another person’s property or vehicle, then property damage liability coverage will pay for repairs to their vehicle.

Uninsured motorists coverage

Uninsured Motorist insurance provides coverage if you are involved in an accident with an at-fault driver who does not have liability insurance.

Underinsured motorists coverage

This coverage pays out when you are involved in an accident with another driver whose liability limits are not high enough to cover your medical expenses.

Rental reimbursement with downtime

Rental reimbursement with downtime insurance will cover the cost of a rental vehicle if your 18 wheeler or vehicle is inoperable due to an accident.

Trailer interchange insurance

Trailer interchange insurance refers to coverage for non-owned trailers that are specifically being pulled under a trailer interchange agreement. Trailer interchange insurance protects the trailer if it is damaged by explosion, vandalism, fire, theft or collision.

Truck cargo coverage

This insurance covers damage to items that you are hauling in your truck. It can help cover collision, vandalism and theft.

Knowing truck insurance terms will help ensure that you get the right coverages for your needs. It’ll help you better understand your big rig insurance quotes. Our team can help you get multiple quotes for your truck insurance so that you can compare coverage options and pricing. We work with lots of truck businesses, so we understand the coverages you need and the risks you face.