How to recruit and keep good truck drivers

It can be difficult to recruit and retain truck drivers.

Recruiting and keeping good truck drivers is difficult for most fleet owners. There is currently a shortage of qualified truck drivers. According to the American Trucking Organization, the trucking industry needs to hire at least one million truck drivers over the next decade to meet the current demand

So, how can you recruit and keep talented and safe truck drivers? Here are some of the best tips and tricks for finding new truckers and reducing turnover.

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24 inspirational quotes for truck drivers

Check out these 24 inspirational quotes for truck drivers.

Being a truck driver isn’t easy. The job is demanding, and the long hours on the road can get tough when you’re away from home on your own. To help you out if you’re feeling a bit blue, check out these 24 inspirational quotes from inspirational people. We’ve made a list of some nuggets of wisdom, motivation, and inspiration.

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Top 10 podcasts for truckers

Try out these podcasts for truckers.

We don’t have to tell you that truckers spend a lot of hours on the road. The routine of driving and listening to the radio or music might be getting tired – sometimes our brains get bored if they listen to the same type of media for hours on end. So why not try something new to keep you entertained as you drive? Podcasts are a great source of entertainment that you can enjoy behind the wheel. They’re informative, thought-provoking, and, we admit, somewhat addicting. (But at least they might help you prevent driver fatigue!) If you’ve never tried a podcast before, we definitely recommend it to change up your routine a little. Check out these ten podcasts for truckers.

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Alabama community college to offer CDL class just for women in trucking

A college in Alabama will offer a CDL course just for women in trucking.

A conversation that comes up a lot in the trucking world is the fact that there is a major shortage of truck drivers in the United States. There are many potential solutions – hiring millennials as truck drivers, offering higher wages, providing better benefits or perks. Some suggest that if companies were able to hire more women in trucking, it could help alleviate the shortage.

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Top tips to prevent back pain as a truck driver

Prevent negligent entrustment lawsuits with these tips.

One aspect of being a truck driver that’s very common is back pain. A lot of truck drivers, whether they drive a flatbed truck, tractor-trailer, tow truck, or any truck, really, experience lower back pain because of the nature of the job – getting in and out of the truck, being jolted as you drive, and sitting for long stretches at a time. The back is made up of vertebrae, muscles, discs, nerves… Tweaking or straining one of those things can cause a lot of pain, and oftentimes truckers experience back pain. To help you prevent back pain, here are a few easy tips.

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How to get more millennials to drive for your truck business

Recruiting millennials may help combat the truck driver shortage.

It’s not exactly a big secret that the United States has a huge shortage of truck drivers. It’s estimated that the industry is currently functioning with 50,000 fewer drivers than it needs. Much thought has been given to potential solutions to this problem, and one solution is hiring more millennials as semi-truck drivers. The word “millennial” gets tossed around a lot when it comes to recruiting, which makes sense: they’re the largest age group in the workforce.

The concern with trucking is that because the average age for a truck driver is about 55, there will not be enough young people interested in trucking to enter the industry and replace them. But it’s proved to be quite difficult for truck businesses to recruit and hire millennials. We’ll explain why that is, and we’ll also offer tips to help you recruit and retain young drivers at your business.

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12 truck driver safety tips that you need to know about

It can be difficult to recruit and retain truck drivers.

Truck driving is not for the faint of heart. The open road, though freeing, is also dangerous, especially when you drive a huge big rig that weighs however many tons. It’s like a missile. Once that thing gets off track, there’s almost no stopping it. However, we’ve got a few truck driver safety tips that can help you stay safe on the road.

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North Dakota bill could lead to a study about truckers quitting over ELD mandate

A new bill out of North Dakota would require the Dept. of Transportation to study the effect of the ELD mandate on the trucking workforce.

The ELD mandate has generated a lot of discussion and protest in the trucking world, to say the least. The mandate, which went into effect in December of 2017, required truckers to have an ELD, or electronic logging device, in their vehicles to track their hours of duty.

Electronic Logging Devices were meant to promote a safer workplace for truckers and they were supposed to help trucking businesses improve safety. The goal was to make tracking, managing, and sharing Records of Duty Status (RODS) data easier and more efficient. An Electronic Logging Device syncs up to the engine to automatically track drive time.

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