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Reasons to Switch to Refrigerated Freight

A refrigerated truck, also known as a reefer, is made to transport perishable items such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, frozen goods, and food. They’re designed to keep refrigerated freight cool and at their desired temperature for the duration of the transportation process.

Furthermore, there are numerous advantages to becoming a refrigerated truck driver in this day and age. In fact, many drivers are opting for temperature-controlled freight versus hauling standard non-refrigerated items.

Why Truck Drivers Are Switching to Refrigerated Freight

In this article, we’ll discuss the many reasons truck drivers in the industry are making the switch. Let’s get started!

Greater Profits

On average, refrigerated trucks travel greater distances than flatbeds, hot shots, dump trucks, and sprinter vans. Therefore, you have the opportunity to make more money if you’re traveling a hundred to two hundred more miles a week on average.

Also, since reefer drivers need to know their way around a refrigeration unit, they’re often required to have extra training and certifications. So, possessing a unique set of skills equates to you generating more money per mile than a traditional truck driver.

Lastly, since you’re hauling high-valued cargo, the shipping costs will be substantially higher, which means more money in your pocket.

High Demand

Reefer truck drivers are in high demand. Various industries, such as agriculture, pharmaceutical, food service, and retail depend on refrigerated trucks to deliver their goods. Since the demand for refrigerated products is steady all year long, the demand for reefer truck drivers will continue to increase.

Fewer Deadhead Miles

One of the most significant advantages of reefer units is their adaptability. Many aren’t aware of this but you can actually haul dry goods in your temperature-controlled trailer. When you take that into consideration and the fact there’s a high demand for refrigerated items, you can drastically reduce the number of miles you drive around with an empty trailer.

Deadheading is extremely dangerous and increases your risk of an accident, especially during inclement weather conditions.

Fortunately, if there are no refrigerated loads available you can easily turn off your generator and transport a dry load. The flexibility of a refrigerated truck can reduce your deadhead miles and grow your profits.

Greater Load Capacity

A reefer unit has the advantage of transporting multiple products with different temperature requirements at the same time. This is because most refrigerated trucks have multiple temperature zones inside the trailer that allow you to adjust the thermostat for each area. As a result, you can transport multiple types of goods in a single load.

Bottom Line

Truck drivers are starting to gravitate towards refrigerated freight because of its many benefits. Not only does it provide job security and more pay, but you’ll also spend less time searching for an available load.

Get Insured

You’ll need adequate insurance to safeguard your truck and your business. Although there are numerous benefits to running a reefer unit, there are also numerous risks. For instance, your refrigeration unit could fail, causing your goods to spoil (to get a better idea of what cargo insurance costs or reefer breakdown coverage, refer to our article). Truck insurance can protect you in the event of cargo loss or other damage. For more information, give us a call or fill out our online form for a truck insurance quote.

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