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What is the MCMIS? (Motor Carrier Management Information System)

Regulations surrounding safety increase in complexity and number every year; any time a new regulation is introduced, the data needs to be collected and stored in a way that makes it accessible to authorized parties. Safety data, inspection details, and other information need to be stored in a secure, easy to access location. To accomplish this, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses a variety of databases and systems – such as the MCMIS.

What is the MCMIS?

The Motor Carrier Management Information System or MCMIS collects data from a variety of sources and ensures that it is accessible to other safety programs and organizations as needed. This system pulls information from different sources and aggregates it. By collecting data from diverse sources, the FMCSA can get an accurate picture of not only an individual brand’s performance but how the industry is performing as a whole.

Who reports to the MCMIS?

The MCMIS is set up to capture information from remote offices across North America and maintain an organized and accessible database. This database can be used to access information as needed, either on a specific organization or on specific segments of the industry.

MCMIS draws data from field offices all over the nation. MCMIS uses CAPRI, SAFETYNET and other systems as sources and is designed to automatically capture and organize information to make it more accessible to those who need it.

Motor Carrier Management Information System stores comprehensive carrier details

The MCMIS is home to massive amounts of data collected by many different agencies and offices. While the information collected is broad, most of it involves safety and compliance details. The MCMIS seamlessly integrates with front-facing applications and platforms so that data can be easily analyzed and accessed.

The MCMIS maintains details about the results of FMCSA carrier inspections, crash reports and details, safety records, and organization data. This database also tracks compliance with all regulations, comprehensive safety audit details, and other important factors. Since data is automatically captured and updated, you do not have to take any action to be included; you should simply be aware of the system and the way it is used.

Many different agencies report data to the MCMIS – and many users find important information inside. The information collected can be used to create meaningful reports for both individual carriers and specific segments of the industry as a whole. This is accessible to carriers, agencies and in some cases, the public, depending on the portal used. By maintaining one comprehensive database that automatically captures and maintains new information, the MCMIS ensures that users have access to the most up to date information and that they can work with accurate data.

Learning more about the way the FMCSA collects, manages and distributes safety and carrier data ensures you know where your organization stands. Understanding how the Motor Carrier Management Information System works lets you know where to look when you need details about your crash, compliance, and safety records.

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