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How to Reduce Your Commercial Insurance Rates

As an independent owner-operator, you’re probably looking for the best trucking insurance to reduce your costs. Insurance coverage can be a burden on your finances, especially for small fleet owners.

Various factors can affect your truck insurance rates, such as:

  • The age and experience of your drivers 
  • How long you’ve been in business
  • The condition of your trucks 

To help you out, we’ll discuss a few ways you can reduce your commercial insurance rates.

How to Reduce Your Commercial Insurance Rates

Let’s go over some ways to help bring your insurance premiums down for your trucking business.

1.      Stay in Business

The easiest way to bring down your truck insurance rates is by staying in business. You can do this by keeping the business under the same name and authority. The reason for this is because insurance companies tend to give companies in service for a long time a better rate.

2.      Keep Your DOT Safety Record Clean

Another way to reduce your commercial insurance costs is by maintaining a clean DOT safety record.

What’s included in these safety records are:

  • Selection (ISS-2) scores
  • Fleet DOT safety rating
  • Violations
  • Inspections

3.      Hire Experienced Drivers

One of the main things insurance companies look at is your drivers’ experience. If your truck drivers have vast experience operating a commercial vehicle then insurance companies will likely give you a better deal on your truck insurance.

4.      Hire Drivers with a Clean Driving Record

Another thing to look out for when employing new drivers is their driving record. If their record shows several accidents then an insurance company will deem them high risk. As a result, the insurance company will charge more for truck insurance. Therefore, you should always check your drivers’ records before hiring them.

Moreover, you should also consider age when employing truck drivers. Typically, young drivers have less experience and can be more reckless. Therefore, their chances of getting into an accident are higher which leads to higher premiums.

5.      Consider a Higher Deductible

Another option for reducing your commercial insurance is by choosing a higher deductible. By doing so, your premium will be lower since you’re offering to pay more upfront in the event of an accident.

Keep in mind, you want to choose an amount that’s doable for your budget. If your drivers rarely get into accidents and you have the resources to increase your deductible slightly, then do so.

6.      Your Routes Affect Your Premium

If you operate in metropolitan areas with high population densities then you may have to pay more for your insurance. This is because you have a greater chance of getting into an accident when there are more cars around.

Therefore, if possible, avoid busy metropolitan areas.

7.      Conduct Safety Training Programs

One of the things that will show your insurance company how serious you are about safety is by implementing various safety training programs. The more knowledgeable your drivers are, the less likely they are to cause an accident.

8.      Use Newer Trucks

Older trucks have experienced more wear and tear and have a greater chance of causing an accident. Since there’s more risk involved, you’ll likely be paying more in premiums. So, the best thing to do is get newer trucks that have modern safety features and equipment.

9.      Find an Agent That Knows Trucking

Lastly, an ideal way to get lower insurance premiums is by finding a trained agent who specializes in trucking. This will ensure you receive optimal coverage and the most bang for your buck.


Following these steps can help reduce your commercial insurance rates for your fleet. This way you can reduce your expenses and have a leg up on the competition!

To get a competitive rate on your insurance you need to shop around, to get your trucking insurance quote fill out our online form or give us a call today. You’re only one step away from great savings!



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