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How to make a correction on the FMCSA or in my carrier profile

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) keeps thousands of electronic records on drivers and motor carriers. While it strives to collect and maintain accurate data, you may occasionally spot an error in your own record or carrier profile. If so, the FMCSA allows you to request a correction through its DataQs system. The purpose of DataQs is to allow drivers and motor carriers to review data imported from state and federal sources for accuracy and request correction if necessary.

Registering for the DataQs System

If you are an enforcement user or a motor carrier, you will need to register for a portal account with the FMCSA. All other users should complete the registration form to create a DataQs account. You can do this online by providing requested information such as name, address, telephone number, and choosing your user status from among the following:

  • Commercial driver
  • Insurance agency
  • Law firm
  • Motor carrier service provider
  • Transportation broker
  • Other classification

Providing this information creates a user profile for you, which you will need to submit a request for review of your information in DataQs. You will then choose Data Qs Account rather than FMCSA Portal Account each time you log into the system. Other parties that may use the portal include brokers and freight forwarders.

Submitting your request for a data review

Once your user profile is complete, you can continue entering the information you would like the FMCSA to review in your carrier profile. For example, maybe you don’t agree with the inspector’s findings from your latest roadside inspection. You will need to describe the original incident, explain why you disagree with the current data stored by the FMCSA, and provide any proof you have that verifies your version of events.

You don’t need to do anything rather than wait for a decision after completing the required form in the DataQs system. Once you hit enter on the final screen, your Request for Data Review (RDR) and any supporting documentation goes to the most appropriate office within the FMCSA.

You will receive periodic updates on your RDR, including the person or department reviewing it and when you can expect a resolution. The reviewer assigned to your case may reach out to you to request more information. This ensures that he or she has as much information as possible available to make a fair decision on the outcome. You may receive occasional updates about your RDR within the DataQs system as well. If you have additional questions about registering for DataQs and submitting a RDR, these answers to frequently asked questions should help.

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