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What is my Company Snapshot?

Your business’s safety record plays a huge role in everything from the way customers see your business to the way you manage risk. Being able to tell where you stand at a glance can help you spot the early signs of trouble, or give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are on the right track. Your Company Snapshot is designed to do just that – to give you the details you need to understand where you stand and what you’re doing right (and what you can improve).

Your Company Snapshot is also available to others online, so potential prospects, regulatory agencies, and anyone interested can swiftly discover how well you attend to key safety issues. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) maintains a database that is easily searched online. Access is free and you can see your own (or any other carrier’s) snapshot details in an instant.

What is included in a Company Snapshot?

Your snapshot is designed to give a comprehensive look at your business and your safety record. Your snapshot is available to the public. Basic business details like your contact information and identifying info are included, along with details about the type of work you do, the cargo you carry, and the industries you serve.

The most important part of your company snapshot is your safety record; your snapshot will include details about your previous safety history and about how well you comply with FMCSA regulations. You’ll also find details about inspections, the times your brand has been out of service, and any available crash data from previous events.

SAFER and your Company Snapshot

Your Company Snapshot is maintained by the Safety and Fitness Electronic Records (SAFER) system; this is a free service designed to provide concise and accurate details about trucking and related businesses. You can see your own SAFER details at any time by searching the database. Both your listing and access to search are free.

Company Snapshot vs. Company Safety Profile

While the Company Snapshot is a free service, more details are available to those who pay for premium-level access. A Company Safety Profile that includes more comprehensive data can also be accessed for a small fee. You may want to access both the free and the paid records for your business to ensure that all details are accurate and that anyone researching your business is provided with the right information about your organization.

If something in your Company Snapshot is inaccurate, you can update it through the FMCSA. Because your Company Snapshot contains important details about your brand you should be aware of what it says and the data that has been collected about your truck business. Tools like your Company Snapshot can help you remain in compliance with all safety regulations and help mitigate any safety risks you face.

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