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Factors that Affect Commercial Truck Insurance Rates by State

The trucking industry plays a crucial role in keeping America’s economy running. However, it’s important to mention, the transportation sector is a high-risk business requiring the need for specialized insurance coverage. Commercial truck insurance is designed to protect trucking businesses, their drivers, and the valuable cargo they transport. Several factors determine how much companies end up paying to insure their operations. The state in which a company operates is one of the most significant factors.

Understanding Commercial Truck Insurance Rates by State: A Comprehensive Guide

The reason commercial truck insurance costs vary greatly from state to state is due to factors such as traffic congestion, population density, and weather conditions. In this blog post, we’ll discuss commercial truck insurance rates by state and why they often differ. Let’s get started!


Since the state of California has the largest population density in the country, there’s more traffic on the roads and a greater risk of an accident occurring. As a result, California’s commercial truck insurance rates tend to be higher than the national average. Furthermore, the state has strict regulations regarding the trucking industry which also raises insurance costs.


Texas plays a major role in the transportation industry and has numerous hubs located across the state. Due to the sheer size of Texas, truck drivers are spending more time behind the wheel. As a result, there’s a greater chance of an accident occurring. However, since Texas has a lower population density than other states, its commercial insurance rates tend to be lower.

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Florida’s tropical climate makes it an attractive location for transportation companies; however, it’s prone to frequent hurricanes and flooding. These factors increase the likelihood of a claim being filed which may raise commercial truck insurance rates in the state.

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One major aspect contributing to Pennslyvania’s increased commercial insurance rates is its strict laws surrounding the trucking industry. Furthermore, Pennslyvania is home to several large metropolitan cities, like Pittsburgh and Philadephia, increasing the likelihood of accidents and thefts. As a result, insurance rates may be affected depending on where in the state you’re conducting business.


Ohio is widely known for its thriving transportation sector, which includes several major highways and a large number of trucking businesses. Although there’s a lot of commercial trucking in Ohio, insurance costs are still quite affordable. The state’s strong emphasis on safety, which has resulted in fewer accidents and insurance claims, may play a role in this.

Tips for Lowering Your Commercial Truck Insurance Rates

  • Choose the right coverage (for a detailed breakdown of what cargo insurance costs)
  • Increase your safety rating
  • Consider paying in full upfront
  • Use telematics
  • Take advantage of discounts
  • Work with an experienced truck insurance agency




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