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If I change my company’s legal name, do I need a new USDOT Number?

When you make changes to your brand’s legal name or the format of your business, you will also need to update key records and information with a variety of organizations. If you are changing your company’s legal name, you might wonder if you need a new USDOT Number or if your DOT Number will follow you. We’ll explain what you need to know about this scenario.

If I change my company’s legal name, will I need a new DOT Number?

It’s really important that your trucking business is registered and set up properly. USDOT numbers are assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and covered under the following regulations:

  • 49 U.S.C. 13902, 31134
  • 49 C.F.R. 390.19T or 390.200T.

Once you’ve been issued a number, that number can’t be transferred to someone else. Basically, each “person” must have their own individual registration.

Who is authorized to use Clearinghouse?

What is considered a person or entity by the FMCSA?

First of all, it’s helpful to figure out what exactly is defined as being a “person” or “entity”. When you register for a USDOT number, you are considered an entity or person. An entity can be an individual, a corporation, or another form of business that is accepted under state law. Any of these types of business entities can have a USDOT number.

Rules for corporations.

If you are registered and have a USDOT number as a corporation, then have a change in leadership or employees, you may not need a new USDOT number. Since the business entity remains the same, there is no need for a new number. While you may not need a new number, you may need to file a change report with the FMCSA to alert them to the new operating team or organization. (If a corporation has a change in its demographic information, it will have to file an updated MCS-150 form within 30 days.) Anyways, it’s important to make the proper updates if you have a change within your business.

Can USDOT Numbers be transferred?

No. USDOT Numbers are not able to be transferred. They are given to one person or entity, and they belong to that person indefinitely.

Take steps to stay up to date with the USDOT.

Understanding how USDOT numbers work and how they are impacted by changes in your business ensures you are always in compliance with all important regulations and that your records can be found and identified as needed. Make updating your USDOT number part of the process any time you make a change in your business structure.

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