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How Much Does Box Truck Insurance Cost?

Box truck insurance generally costs between $2,000 – $40,000 per power unit a year. It’s a huge range, we know, but we give that range without knowing any details about your business – your drivers, your location, your loss history, and so on.

In this article, we’ll discuss the general cost box truck insurance and the various factors that affect your rates. Let’s get started!

What Affects the Cost of Box Truck Insurance?

  • Your drivers and their MVRs
  • Your claims/loss history
  • Tickets
  • The truck/how many trucks you have
  • What you’re hauling
  • How long your business has been around
  • Your location
  • Your hauling radius

Your business could be at the lower end of the range that we provided above, or you could be at the higher end. Or you might not be within the range at all. Insurance premiums vary widely from business to business, and that’s why it’s so important to get a box truck insurance quote to explore your options.

How Much Does Box Truck Insurance Cost?

Okay, we have one really important note before we toss numbers around.

Box truck insurance rates vary widely from business to business. That’s because every business has different risk factors. Insurance companies look at a lot of factors when setting insurance rates, and those details will affect your quote. So keep in mind that the following ballpark estimate is just that – an estimate. Your rates could be either lower or higher, depending on your business.

Okay, now that that’s been established, box truck insurance costs between $2,000 and $40,000 annually per truck. The lower end of that range would most likely be a rural business with a good loss record, and the upper end would be a business with tickets and accidents. Your business might fall within this range, and where you fall in this range depends on a lot of factors. Your business is unique, and even if a similar business in your area pays a certain amount for their coverage that does not mean your rates will be the same.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Box Truck Insurance?

Your Drivers

The age and experience of your drivers can affect your rates. So can their MVRs (Motor Vehicle Records). An MVR gives a report of the driver’s tickets and accidents – it’s their driving record basically. If your drivers have lots of experience and they have a clean driving record, your insurance rates will likely reflect that.


Your insurance rates can be affected by your loss run, which is basically a history of all of your losses and claims. If your business has a record of claims, accidents, traffic tickets, or speeding tickets, your rates could be higher because you’re more risk for the insurance company to insure. To them, these things make it seem more likely that you’ll face a claim in the future.

Your Trucks

The year, make, and model of your box trucks will also affect your truck insurance rates. The more expensive the truck, the more it will cost to insure. Also, the GVWR of your truck will probably affect your rates. Any claim you have will be more expensive because it will cost more to repair or replace your box truck.

How Many Trucks You Have

The more trucks you have, the more coverage you’ll need to protect them all. More trucks mean a greater chance of a loss, which means higher insurance rates.

What You’re Hauling

The kind of loads you haul and the cargo you transport can impact your rates, as can the contracts you have. The insurance company will want to know what you’re hauling and who you’re hauling it for. All of these things are important in determining your rates.

How Long Your Business Has Been Around

If you’re an established business and you’ve been around for a few years, the insurance company has more information to look at and more data to analyze. A mature business with a fairly clean loss record will probably have lower rates than a newer company.

Where You’re Located and Your Hauling Radius

Your radius of operation plays a part in your premium, and so does your main location. Rural businesses could pay less for box truck insurance because there’s less traffic (and less traffic means less chance of an accident). Crossing state lines can also play a factor in your rates, and so can your location.

Bottom Line

Now, all of these factors affect box truck insurance rates. So, how can you know for sure how much your particular business will pay? The best way is to get a truck insurance quote. That will give you the most accurate idea of how much box truck insurance will cost for your business.

Our team of truck insurance experts would be happy to help you with that. We can help you get the best coverage at the best possible rate so you can save money on your truck insurance. All you have to do is fill out our online quote form or call us today. Then we’ll shop your rates, go over your quotes, and help you create a customized insurance plan. And of course, we’ll be here to help with any of your insurance needs.



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