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What’s on the BASIC details page?

There are a lot of things that are part of the trucking world might seem a little complicated and a little overwhelming. From all the acronyms to the forms to the data, there’s a lot to keep track of. And that includes the BASICs and the associated categories and percentiles. The BASICs and the SMS are important, but what exactly can you find in the SMS BASIC details? What all is there for you to see? There are five things to know about.

What’s on the BASIC details page.

1. The overall status.

Motor carriers can be prioritized for intervention and inspections. You can find out if the FMCSA might prioritize you for intervention by looking at the BASIC Overall Status. It’ll also show the reason – for example, roadside inspection or investigation results. The Overall Status is a handy way to keep track of how you’re doing in the BASICs. So that’s something you can see in those details.

2. Data Center

There is also the Data Center within the BASIC details. You can download the data from roadside and investigations that the SMS uses. That data is available to download in an Excel format or XML format, and you can download it for selected BASICs or for all of them. That could come in handy! You never know, but it’s important to at least know how to find this information.

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3. On-road Performance Data.

This is where you can get more information about each selected BASIC. You can see the SMS Measurement and the percentile, plus extra detail. You can check a listing of violations and the weights of those violations. There’s also a list of relevant inspections for the BASIC. (You can also see a full inspection report.) There are a lot of details you can see through this tab if you’re wondering about a specific BASIC.

4. Investigation Results Detail tab.

If you’re ever wondering about investigations, you can look at the Investigation Results Detail tab. This shows whether an Acute/Critical violation has turned up during the past year (from the SMS data snapshot date). If an Acute violation or a Critical violation was discovered, the violation and the date will be there. It’s important to keep track of investigations and investigation results. Fortunately, the BASIC detail pages make that easy.

5. Performance Tools tab.

Now, this tab shows different graphs that can help you get a picture of your performance within the chosen BASIC. There are a couple graphs. One will show relevant inspections against the inspections with a violation in the selected BASIC (this will be shown month-by month for the past two years of SMS results). The other graph shows the SMS results for the whole safety event group group in the chosen BASIC. The graph shows the measure on the vertical axis and the percentile on the other axis for the safety event group. So, that’s what is in the performance tools tab.

So, that’s what the BASIC detail page is all about. There are a lot of pieces of data that you need to keep track of. The trucking world can seem complicated, but with this BASIC details page can help you interpret and track this information.

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