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Ask the experts: What is truck auto liability insurance?

If you drive a semi or another type of truck for your work, you might be wondering what type of insurance you need. Whether you are a contractor with one commercial truck or you have been an owner-operator for many years, it is important to understand the different insurance coverages available. That way, you can ensure that you are fully covered in the event of an accident.

Truck insurance for your business includes several different types of coverages. It is important to know how each coverage protects you in the event of a loss. One of the most important coverages is auto liability insurance. Liability insurance helps makes sure that you are protected from lawsuits. It can help you avoid a serious financial mess.

What is auto liability insurance?

The liability coverage on your policy pays out in the event that another person is injured in an accident in which you are at fault. It also pays for damages to others’ vehicles and property.

There are two types of liability insurance — bodily injury and property damage. If you accidentally drive your tow truck into the side of a garage, property damage liability insurance would cover damages to repair the garage. If you hit another vehicle and the driver is injured, bodily injury liability coverage would pay for the other driver’s medical bills.

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Although auto liability coverage doesn’t pay for damages to your truck if you are at fault for the accident, it does cover costs you’d normally be responsible for, so that you aren’t left footing the bill.

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Why do you need auto liability insurance?

Auto liability insurance is required by law. In nearly every state, it is against the law to drive a truck without liability insurance or proof of financial liability. Liability insurance also helps protect your business if you are sued following an accident. Medical claims arising from injuries with trucks can run into the millions. Unless you can afford to lose millions of dollars, you need this coverage.

How much auto liability coverage do you need?

When deciding how much auto liability coverage you need, think of what is at stake. Auto liability insurance protects you from losing everything that you own if you are sued for causing an accident. How much you need depends on the value of your business and assets. Beware of choosing low liability limits to save a couple of dollars. You want enough to fully protect your business and pay for legal expenses. Lawsuits are extremely common, and they can get very, very expensive.

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It is always a smart idea to shop around for liability insurance. The costs can vary greatly from one insurance company to the next. We work with various insurance companies to get you many big rig insurance quotes. That way, you can choose the right liability coverage for your needs. You can get started with getting 18 wheeler insurance quotes by filling out our online quote form or giving us a call today.