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BASIC details

What’s on the BASIC details page?

There are a lot of things that are part of the trucking world might seem a little complicated and a little overwhelming. From all the acronyms to the forms to the data, there’s a lot to keep track of. And that includes the BASICs and the associated categories and percentiles. The BASICs and the SMS … Read more

Improving the SMS

How is the FMCSA improving the SMS?

The FMCSA is all about improving safety on the roads. They have different methods for upholding safety, and one of the those programs is the CSA’s Safety Measurement System. They want to direct their resources towards the highest-risk carriers. But the SMS is subject to change and improvements. So, the questions now are: how is … Read more

FMCSA Emergency Declaration 2

FMCSA extends Emergency Declaration

These days, everything feels topsy-turvy and up in the air. The pandemic situation changes what seems like every day. The FMCSA issued an Emergency Declaration for the trucking world, and they recently extended that Emergency Declaration. It was due to expire on August 14th, but it has now been extended through September 14th. (Of course, … Read more

CSA website

How the CSA website can be helpful for your business

Trucking is complicated. There are a lot of regulations you have to follow, and there’s a lot of safety-related data about your business that you need to keep track of. The FMCSA takes safety very seriously, so as a trucking business you need to be sure you’re playing by the rules. One resource that can … Read more

Satisfactory rating

Why can a carrier with a satisfactory rating exceed an intervention threshold?

If you’re part of the trucking world, there are a lot of considerations concerning regulations to be aware of. Some of the different rankings and scores can get complicated, especially when you’re trying to figure out how all of these things relate to each other. It can be extremely difficult to make sense of the … Read more


What’s a percentile in the SMS?

If you’re in the trucking world, there are a lot of terms and numbers used by the SMS (Safety Measurement System) when it comes to talking about a carrier. Especially when it comes to safety records. Interpreting these things can be a struggle. For example, one major component of these safety scores is the percentiles. … Read more

CDL restrictions

What restrictions can be placed on a CDL?

If you are a commercial motor vehicle driver, you know all about the CDL. The licensing requirements are pretty strict. You know that you can get endorsements added to your CDL. But what about the opposite situation – what about the restrictions that can be placed on your license? Here are some of the restrictions … Read more

Bridge strikes

Why are bridge strikes and GPS connected?

Truck drivers are on the roads a lot, of course, and they use GPS (as we all do) to get around. There are also stories about trucks hitting bridges if they don’t have enough clearance. So, how are the two related? At first glance, they might not seem to be connected. However, there could be … Read more

CDL Test

5 things to know about the CDL test

Trucking is a serious field, which is why a lot of training and a lot of practice is required. There is also a serious test that the prospective truck driver has to pass, and it consists of the knowledge test and the skills test. These are both very important. It’s best to be prepared before … Read more