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How do I see Safety Measurement System data?

It’s important for motor carriers to keep up with their SMS information (Safety Measurement System). The SMS is how the FMCSA ranks motor carriers’ safety performance. You need to keep up with your data, but how can you as a user access your SMS data so you can keep an eye with what’s going on with your business? The FMCSA is a big deal in the trucking world. Here’s how to look at Safety Measurement System data.

How to access Safety Measurement System data

To look at SMS data, you need to go to the SMS website. (The website is kind of the place with all the answers.) Now, there’s a section of the website that the public can see and look at. The part of the website that is open to the public includes several of the BASIC categories (Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category) – the Unsafe Driving, Hours of Service Compliance, Controlled Substances/Alcohol, Driver Fitness, and Vehicle Maintenance. You can also see a list of crashes, roadside inspections, and violations.

Who is authorized to use Clearinghouse?

What additional information can motor carriers see?

But if you as a motor carrier sign into the SMS, you can see more information. You’ll also be able to see your…

As a motor carrier, signing into the SMS is easy. You can go through the FMCSA Portal or the SMS website. (Aren’t options convenient?) When you get to the SMS page, it’s time to login with your USDOT Number. Oh, and you’ll need a PIN to access the non-public data about the motor carrier. (The carrier sign in should be at the bottom center of the screen.) Then, you’ll be taken back to the SMS homepage. There should be a search box where you can enter either a USDOT Number of an MC Number.

What if I don’t have an FMCSA Portal Account?

You can set up your FMCSA Portal Account by going to the Portal Account Request site. Choose Company User and you’ll be on your way. It’ll prompt you through what to do – you’ll have to answer a few questions. If you need help, you can contact the Help Desk.

Now, keep in mind that you’ll need your USDOT Number and PIN to sign in to the SMS website. If you only have a Docket Number PIN, that’s not going to cut it if you’re trying to see your Safety Measurement System data. If you seem to have misplaced your PIN or you never got on, you’ll need to go through the PIN registration process. You’ll get a letter with your PIN (it’ll be mailed to the address on record from your most recent MCS-150). That should arrive in two weeks or so. And again, you can call the Help Desk if you have any issues.

Keeping up with your SMS data is important, as is prioritizing safety. Getting familiar with the SMS and how to sign in to see your information is a good idea so you can look at your motor carrier details easily. Not all motor carrier data is available to the public – you’ll have to log in to see some of the information you might be looking for.

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