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An image of a skilled trades worker getting ready to get into a pickup truck.

This Year’s Top Heavy Duty Pickup Trucks

Regular pickup trucks make the right choice when you just want to cruise around or handle light tasks. However, if you need to haul heavy stuff and transport shipments, only heavy-duty pickup trucks can do the job. Perfect for any heavyweights in the trucking business, HD pickups can serve your particular purpose.

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An image of a city skyline.

Minneapolis Bans Larger Trucks from Parking on Their Streets

The legislative body of Minneapolis has imposed a new restriction banning larger trucks from parking on the streets. The restriction aims to improve protection measures for citizens. Modifying an existing ban on parking, the city council wants to make zoning districts safe for residents. It’s a citywide ban that includes all larger trucks.

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An image of an inspector checking the interior of a semi truck cab.

Brake Safety Week is August 22nd-28th

The US’s commercial motor vehicle authorities placed more than 1,151 vehicles out of service due to rule violations. During a one-day inspection in May, 8,658 trucks were evaluated according to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. They had a similar inspection in Mexico and Canada.

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