What’s a percentile in the SMS?


If you’re in the trucking world, there are a lot of terms and numbers used by the SMS (Safety Measurement System) when it comes to talking about a carrier. Especially when it comes to safety records. Interpreting these things can be a struggle. For example, one major component of these safety scores is the percentiles. What exactly is a percentile and what does it mean? Understanding the BASICs means being able to make sense of these numbers. We’ll go over what a “percentile” is and what it tells you.

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What restrictions can be placed on a CDL?

CDL restrictions

If you are a commercial motor vehicle driver, you know all about the CDL. The licensing requirements are pretty strict. You know that you can get endorsements added to your CDL. But what about the opposite situation – what about the restrictions that can be placed on your license? Here are some of the restrictions that can be placed on a CDL.

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Why are bridge strikes and GPS connected?

Bridge strikes

Truck drivers are on the roads a lot, of course, and they use GPS (as we all do) to get around. There are also stories about trucks hitting bridges if they don’t have enough clearance. So, how are the two related? At first glance, they might not seem to be connected. However, there could be a connection. Here’s how that works and some tips for avoiding bridge strikes.

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5 things to know about the CDL test

CDL Test

Trucking is a serious field, which is why a lot of training and a lot of practice is required. There is also a serious test that the prospective truck driver has to pass, and it consists of the knowledge test and the skills test. These are both very important. It’s best to be prepared before you go to take the tests. Here are five things you need to know about the CDL test.

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