Here’s what you need to do if you’re in an accident while driving your truck

Here's what to do if you're ever involved in an accident while driving your truck.

Truck driving comes with many risks. The roads can be a dangerous place and accidents happen so fast. We know that it’s not the cheeriest, happiest thing to think about, but you have to be prepared for what to do if you’re involved in an accident while driving your truck – semi truck, flatbed truck, or box truck. The actions you take following the crash can make a huge difference if it comes to a lawsuit, and knowing what to do makes it much easier to stay calm and handle the situation.

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10 tips for safe summer trucking

Check out these ten summer trucking safety tips.

Summer is here. Along with the higher temperatures and sunshine come some risks for truck drivers. One might think that winter, with ice and snow and rain, would be most dangerous, but summer has its fair share of risks, too. Summer can be a dangerous time to drive your truck, whether you drive tractor trailers, box trucks, or flatbeds, so check out these summer truck driving tips.

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4 reasons your truck insurance renewal might go up (Hint: You need to pay your bill on time)

Your renewal could go up for a number of reasons.

Truck insurance might not be your favorite thing in the world to think about. It’s not particularly riveting, it’s true, and, well, that insurance bill has a really big number on it. But one time that you really need to be paying attention to your insurance is at your renewal. Your renewal is important because your rates could go up. We’ll explain what a renewal is and what could cause your rates to go up (and how you can keep that increase from being too substantial.)

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What is trailer interchange insurance?

Bobtail insurance and non-trucking liability insurance aren't quite the same thing.

Trucking is a unique industry. There are many different scenarios and risks that you face as a trucker, and that means that you need a variety of insurance coverages to protect you. However, all of these transportation and commercial auto coverages can get a little confusing. There are a lot of them, so they can get jumbled. One type of trucking insurance that you might be curious about is trailer interchange insurance. What exactly is trailer interchange insurance? What does it cover? When and why would you need it? We can answer those questions and shed a little light on this very specific type of coverage.

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