What an insurance agent will need to get your business truck insurance quotes

An insurance agent will need some details about your business to get your truck insurance quotes.

The time has come to get truck insurance. Maybe you’ve been waiting in dread of this day for a long time. Truck insurance doesn’t sound very riveting or fun. Plus, the different coverages and terms can get overwhelming. When you get truck insurance quotes, the agent assisting you will ask a few questions – that’s so they can get the most accurate quote possible and understand what coverages you will need. There are a lot of different factors that influence your rates.

Anyways, we’ve put together a list of some of those questions to help you get prepared to go through the quoting process.

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10 things you need to know about auto hauler insurance

Car hauler insurance FAQs

The world of auto hauling has its fair share of risks. And those risks are exactly why you need car carrier insurance. It’s essential that you have an insurance plan that’s customized to your business, so there are several things you need to know about auto hauler insurance. We’ve got a list of ten things to keep in mind when you’re getting your insurance.

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How much does auto hauler insurance cost?

How much does auto hauler insurance cost?

Auto haulers are not without their risks. And the risks that you face as a car hauler are exactly why you need auto hauler insurance. Having the right coverage is essential when it comes to protecting your business. But first things first – how much does auto hauler insurance cost? Well, there are a lot of factors that influence the cost of auto hauler insurance and a lot of details about your business that your insurer will want to know about.

So, to give you an idea of what determines your car carrier insurance rates, here are some factors that can affect auto hauler insurance cost.

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What kind of insurance do I need as an auto hauler?

auto hauler insurance quotes

If you haul cars for a living, you know that you face a lot of risks. You (or your driver) could get into an accident and injure other drivers. The cars you’re hauling could get damaged. The car carrier itself could be wrecked. You could destroy private property in an accident. So, yes, auto hauling isn’t for the faint of heart. However, that’s why they invented auto hauler insurance. There are several types of insurance you’ll need to haul cars, and we’ll explain each of these possible coverages.

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5 workplace safety policies you should have at your trucking business

Creating workplace safety policies at your business can help you manage your risk.

If you drive trucks and operate a trucking business, you know how important safety is. The roads are a dangerous place. Driving is probably the most dangerous thing we do all day. And that’s why it’s important to minimize the risk to your drivers as much as possible. One way to improve safety at your trucking business is to implement workplace safety policies designed to encourage good driving habits.

What kind of workplace safety policies or protocols should you put in place?

We’ve got five ideas to help you out.

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The dangers of speeding for truck drivers

General liability and auto liability insurance are not the same thing.

As a truck driver, you’re under a lot of pressure to meet your deadlines, keep to the schedule, and get your cargo where it needs to be fast. There could be a lot of temptation to speed. Pushing the speed limit might seem like a great idea when you’re running behind schedule, but there are many consequences and dangers associated with speeding.

We’ll explain why it’s not a good idea to speed and give you some tips to prevent speeding-related accidents.

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Why you should wear your seatbelt every time you drive

get a commercial truck insurance quote

When you’re behind the wheel of a truck, wearing a seatbelt is a key part of staying safe. Driving is one of the most dangerous things we do on a daily basis, and we’ve gotten so used to it that we forget just how dangerous it is. We get too comfortable. We might even decide not to wear a seatbelt. But we’ll explain how seatbelts keep you safe and why it’s important to buckle up every time you drive – whether you’re driving your truck or your personal car.

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